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GetInstaFeed is a free to use platform to download your instagram pictures. Simply search for your username using your @username. It does not get any easier.

Popular profiles

Just a list of profiles that are often searched for.

GetInstaFeed is a free tool to download your profile pictures, feed, etc. very easily without having to log in. Just search for the @username and click search. If the profile exists and it is public it will index it. Please remember that this only works for public profiles.

Why would you use

Sometimes someones profile picture is not that clear and it does not help that they are not that big either. We made a tool for you to simply search someones @username. You will then be presented with an easy-to-use screen, so that you can get everything you want!

By clicking search, you will be taken to a simple form where you can fill in the username (with or without the @ sign). Hit enter and you are good to go!

My profile is private, how is it still displayed here?

Even if a profile is set to private, the profile picture can still be viewed. However, it is not possible to see the posts, stories, etc. These are actually private.